The experience you have in this environment is indescribably good. Completely unique. Here you really have space and everything else you need to go deeper into yourself and also make advancements in your life.


A wonderful experience. Happy and grateful that I listened to my soul (tingling all over my body) and went, came. It is a beautiful feeling to look into each other's eyes and at the same time feel yourself and everything that is and presses down there and calls or just softly whispers that it needs attention - to see, feel (fully) and let go. Wow!! Cathartic feelings and from the heart, imbued with gratitude, joy and awareness. I hope as many times as possible. A grateful soul from the heart.


This is an event for those who want the truth about themselves and are ready to hear and feel the strongest positive and negative ideas that they have been building all their lives.


The least you can get from the workshop is 100% effective alternative for years of psychotherapy, the most that can happen there is EVERYTHING you will need in life.


I am grateful that this workshop found me. The schedule was full. I liked not having time to rest. The workshops themselves were well managed. The experience was powerful. The organization, the people, the techniques - I strongly recommend it.


I want to say thank you 1x for the craziest experience. Really thanks to everyone, I am so honoured and grateful beyond words! Urban my voice is spreading further, maybe it's just a good thing to warn the next group that the brain can completely shut down when you get home... because it happened to me that I didn't even know how to multiply when my son and I were training it yesterday, let alone go to work, a nice feeling if you can afford it.... THANK YOU ALL!!


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