The WHO AM I workshop is based on methods that are several thousand years old and adapted to the modern flow of life.The self-questioning methods of Ramana Maharshi and Charles Berner have also been added.

The whole process takes place in dyads, working in pairs, where one person is a silent observer and the other person works on deep self- exploration, with the aim of realizing who they really are. The workshop takes place from early morning to late evening.

The focus is on eliminating the conditioned patterns of the subconscious (samskaras). The goal is for these to emerge to the surface and purify themselves. Various tools and techniques are used that will help to lead the participants to their true nature. Through this process, individual and group dyads, sitting and walking contemplations, movement and sound meditations, self-questioning, breathing exercises and lectures that help us come to awareness, take place.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our workshop. If the participant is not satisfied with our performance, we will refund 100% of the registration fee. The only condition for this is that the participant follows and respects the instructions, performs the exercises and participates in all the practices that are planned during the course of 3 days.

Planned workshops

WHO I AM WORKSHOP 3 days – Začetek v petek ob  16:30 (prihod med 15:00-16:00), konec v nedeljo ob 18:00.

Cena delavnice je €222 po osebi, če pridete kot par ali s prijateljem je cena za drugo osebo €172.
Plačilo je lahko v večih obrokih.

*The event is organized non-profit, all contributions are intended for the Enost eco-community

WHO I AM INTEGRATION 5 daysstart on Wednesday at 16:30 (arrival at 15:00-16:00), end on Sunday at 18:00. The workshop is similar to a three-day one, with the difference on the 4th and 5th days, where the program includes additional breathing exercises to release samskaras, kundalini meditation, Sufi dance and body awareness exercises that deepen the samadhi experience and further purify trapped energies. The three-day workshop contains one question for contemplation, and the five-day workshop contains four different questions for contemplation. Who am I? What am I? What is life? What is someone else?

Cena: Zavisi od lokacije in termina
*The event is organized non-profit, all contributions are intended for the Enost eco-community

DATE ANNOUNCED LATER After reviewing your application form, we will contact you and, if necessary, work with you phone/zoom interview. Your application will be finally confirmed after payment of the invoice, which receive to your email. In the event that applications are filled before you settle the bill, Fr we inform you. The maximum number of participants is 14.

SUBTITLE What else do you need to know?

  • the food at the workshop is vegetarian and vegan
  • no coffee or any other energy stimulants (tobacco) are taken during the workshop
  • the workshop takes place in a relaxed environment, where everyone has the opportunity to go deeper into themselves
  • the workshops are held in Slovenian as well as in English language (the language is marked for the available dates)
  • the process takes place in silence, a conversation outside the dyads is not allowed, the goal is for each individual to devote 100% exclusively to himself
    posameznik 100% posveti izključno sebi
  • men and women sleep separately.


The coordination of the workshop takes place under the organisation of the ENOST cooperative in partnership with the DIVJA association. All the planning of the event, including the administration, is done voluntarily. All generated revenue goes to the fund for building the eco-community Enost. Iva and Urban will be with you -> click here

Priporočena cena delavnice je 222 evrov po osebi. V ceno je všteta vsa hrana, pijača, prigrizki in spanje na skupnih ležiščih. Delavnica se začne v petek ob 16.30 in konča v nedeljo ob 18.00. Če nekdo globoko v sebi sliši klic in se želi udeležiti delavnice ter nima finančnih zmožnosti, naj nas kontaktira. V primeru, da nekdo začuti, da bi doniral še za koga, ki si tega ne more privoščiti ali mu je delavnica dala več, kot si je predstavljal, je odprt naš TRR za donacije. Maksimalno število udeležencev je 14. Prijava je možna do zapolnitve mest.

A week before the workshop more detailed instructions will be sent per email.

If you are interested and want to know more about the seminar or get to know our community, contact us at

Termini so v začetku pomladi in začetku jeseni. Za več infromacij nas kontaktirajte.
Applications at the link below: klikni tu

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