About us

Urban Turnšek and his assistant Iva Hari will guide you through the process.

About us

Urban Turnšek

At the age of 16, he opened his first company and to this day created quite a few companies, some more, some less successful.
Throughout his career, he was active in direct selling companies, where he developed an interest in the personal development.
He attended various seminars and teachings related to personal growth and spirituality all across the globe and he himself took more than 100,000 people all around the world through his training. All these studies and understanding took place in the mind and regardless of success and progress, they did not lead to the truth that everyone is looking for deep within themselves. This is why he went on a journey within himself in search of who he really is. He wants to share a part of this journey and awareness in seminars. A big thanks for the whole project goes to Dan Schmidt and the Awakentheworld initiative.


After completing her studies in pharmacy, she was drawn to nature. With her enthusiasm, drive and ability to organize, she takes care of the entire organizational and logistical aspect of the workshops. She also works on the path of self-exploration and assists in all the workshops that take place in the project. Iva has been organizing workshops for more than 5 years through the DIVJA Society, where the common goal is to connect people as much as possible with nature and with themselves. The most famous project is wild camps and other unique workshops and events throughout Slovenia. In her free time, she enjoys aromatherapy, collecting wild plants and sailing.


About ENOST(Oneness) community

In 2022, the path brought us together at a property in the municipality of Šentilj in Slovenia, where we started creating an ecovillage under the name ENOST. The purpose of the community is to live in the connection to nature in the presence of like-minded people whose common desire is the personal growth. Our opinion is that one of the most important things for a community to function harmoniously is connecting with each other and working on ourselves.

So these workshops you are applying for are also our common principles and the way of connection. Deep self-awareness and the oneness we all share is the basis of humanity, it makes us human. In the modern world this has been largely forgotten. In the ENOST community we are wholeheartedly committed to creating a family and unity with all the members of the community, which is only possible by each of us working on ourselves. Someone who is aware, looks at life, nature and the fellow men without separation. Here lies a hidden treasure, the one that our society has long forgotten.

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