Awake You Organisation, has been created to serve all of the humanity in its only real purpose, to awake to its true nature. Its time to remake this world. Because you, the deep awake you is the only creator of this world. You are not alone, because the deep awake you is inside of every other living being on this planet.


Individual conversation



The least you can get from the workshop is 100% effective alternative for years of psychotherapy, the most that can happen there is EVERYTHING you will need in life.


A wonderful experience. Happy and grateful that I listened to my soul (tingling all over my body) and went, came. It is a beautiful feeling to look into each other's eyes and at the same time feel yourself and everything that is and presses down there and calls or just softly whispers that it needs attention - to see, feel (fully) and let go. Wow!! Cathartic feelings and from the heart, imbued with gratitude, joy and awareness. I hope as many times as possible. A grateful soul from the heart.


This is an event for those who want the truth about themselves and are ready to hear and feel the strongest positive and negative ideas that they have been building all their lives.


I want to say thank you 1x for the craziest experience. Really thanks to everyone, I am so honoured and grateful beyond words! Urban my voice is spreading further, maybe it's just a good thing to warn the next group that the brain can completely shut down when you get home... because it happened to me that I didn't even know how to multiply when my son and I were training it yesterday, let alone go to work, a nice feeling if you can afford it.... THANK YOU ALL!!


I am grateful that this workshop found me. The schedule was full. I liked not having time to rest. The workshops themselves were well managed. The experience was powerful. The organization, the people, the techniques - I strongly recommend it.


The experience you have in this environment is indescribably good. Completely unique. Here you really have space and everything else you need to go deeper into yourself and also make advancements in your life.


Welcome on a journey towards yourself

Expression ´Human being´ is who we truly are. We are a being, not human doing, how everyone sees it today.

I think, therefore I am. Who are you, when you are not thinking?- U.G. Krishnamurti

Spirituality of the modern world is mainly mind based. And the mind keeps us in loops and loops of getting more and more spiritual. It is a trap for the ego and it will never set us free. Same as our materialistic mind, we have egoic spiritual mind. Both can be similarly away from the truth. When Rene Descartes said “I think, therefore I am”, the modern concept of mind was born. Rene was researching the concept of spirit and body, but his research also ended on the conceptual - mind level. He did not dive deep enough to realise himself. Today’s world is built through mind, which is not our true nature. We have forgotten who we are. We have forgotten, what it is that we have forgotten. The mind is always creating more complex, never ending solutions, so the only true path is the one away from the mind, returning to our true nature. To realise who we really are. And what we truly are is something our mind cannot understand because the solution is hiding outside the mind. With a direct experience of awareness, a small flame burns in us. This flame grows by practising from day to day, month to month, year to year, and eventually we can be in direct experience first in meditation and then step by step in all other aspects of our life.

Why bother with worldly things, if one doesn’t know true self?
-Nisargadatta Maharaj

A man is so concerned with an outside prison in which he lives. Concerning government, surroundings, taxes, hierarchies, injustices, consumerism, etc. But he forgets that the biggest prison he lives in, is he himself. If you are truly ready to end this suffering and to bring to awareness all your own patterns that are blocking you from being free, this might be the place you were looking for.

Uravnoteženje čaker

Do you know who you are? Are you your body? Your thoughts? Your mind?

Or is there something more? Something which all holy scripts and all world religions
describe for last 7000 years? Awareness, Enlightement, Buddha state, Christ consciousness, Heart, Soul, Atman, Brahman, Samadhi state, Krishna consciousness… All the expressions above describe the state, which all religions have practised in its core. The state that connects us in pure samadhi, in pure awareness which we feel in the presence of a newborn child or when our loved one is dying. This mystery becomes tangible in those mooments. When we grow up, our nature does not give us peace. We are constantly searching and through different practices we are trying to get back into this inborn state, since we know deep inside that there is something more. Connection to our true nature is maybe our deepest need and desire and at the same time something natural and simple. Yet never in the history of mankind we were so far away from who we really are.

It's something you can't describe, you can only experience

A person who has never tasted papaya and is interested in its taste can listen to a hundred lectures or read a hundred books, but until he tries it, he will not know. The same is true of the samadhi state. We cannot show you this status through this page. For an outline of the samadhi state, we recommend watching the films below - select Slovenian subtitles (For the film, click on the CC button -
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