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Suffering is life’s greatest blessing. It eradicates layer after layer of separation to direct experience. When life gives, nobody gives as much as life can. Stay true to life. Life will always give gifts, even if we don’t see them as such. It’s a miracle unfolding.

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Restoration of Faith

I have restored my faith in god. For he does not make mistakes and he does not choose sides. Everything needs to balance itself out as it always has. Kingdoms have risen and fallen. Life will eventually get to its center. The Only imbalance is caused by the human mind, which is not who we are.

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Modern World

After the second world war, the world realized, that individualistic people are better consumers. For the first time people bought products to make them feel better. Prior to that, products were only bought if they were actually needed.

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Suggested Readings

1) Classic Books About the Spiritual Path THE BHAGAVAD GITA. There are many versions but the versions by Swami Prabhupada and Stephen Mitchell are excellent. THE TAO TE CHING I find the version by Stephen Michell to be poetic and clear.

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